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Terminal Filth Stench​-​Core

by Deviated Instinct

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    Terminal Filth Bandcamp only version on Black/White A/B mix regular weight 140 gram vinyl.

    This classic is finally available on vinyl in its entirety for the first time with new artwork from Mid and remastered by Bri Doom.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Terminal Filth Stench-Core via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Regular weight 140 gram on Black vinyl

    This classic is finally available on vinyl in its entirety for the first time with new artwork from Mid and remastered by Bri Doom.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Terminal Filth Stench-Core via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    Double sided print featuring reworked Terminal Filth Stenchcore artwork with Deviated Instinct logo and 'Terminal Filth Stenchcore' wording to the front print and artwork with lyrics from Scarecrow 'A corpse staked out for all to see, tormented martyr' to the back print on black SOL'S Regent cotton short sleeve shirt. Additional two colour left sleeve Terminal Filth logo print.
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    From the original 1986 screen, a single black print featuring the 'Terminal Filth Stenchcore' artwork and Deviated Instinct logo on European Fruit of the Loom cotton short sleeve natural unbleached coloured shirt.
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    Terminal Filth Stenchcore art printed onto black drill cotton.
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Prepare to meet thy maker As your temples crumble The preacher of such a holy order His faith, now hysterical frenzy The priest impaled upon the crucifix A final prayer, through bubbles of blood Ecstatic moans of a death orgasm Romanticise life at God’s side. Welcome to the orgy Take up your cross BLEED Pandora’s box now open Let the orgy commence A frenzy to be cleansed The disease the church has spread Original sin; the crime of ignorance A soul yet to be purged Vomits forth and breaks it’s chains And the church lays in ruins and bleeds Welcome to the orgy Original sin BLEED The God fearing folk Now repent in hiding Pray for forgiveness Still now before the cross AND NOW AFTER THE HOLOCAUST WHO WILL FEED THE CHURCH NONE SO DIVINE AS YOUR DECAYING DIVINITY Welcome to the orgy The church lays in ruins And bleeds
Despair 02:24
My legs and arms bound, I roll on my back Stare up at the light in the endless spiral Like a grain of clean sand on a polluted beach A paltry cry amidst a thunderstorm Below the earth is alive with the spaghetti of power Although today it seems to be strangling the core itself And the shadow of a million concrete tombstones Casts a chill worse than death upon my heart On opening the packaged can of freedom Anxiously await the high the advert preached Disappointed I gulp down my chemical refreshment And throw the empty lie on the mile high tip And every cold face I meet knows it’s gone too far But we’re long since past the point of no return Hurtling to the depths of hell goes the garden of Eden Too laden with sweet profit to keep itself afloat
A nauseous stench fills the air The atmosphere reeks of decay Fleshless hands claw at my leg Bone fingers tear at my skin Begging for sanctuary Or pulling me down Kick out, smashing of skulls Their bones shatter so easily A morsel of food lies exposed And deranged men fight to eat And upon high, watching, waiting With one swoop catches the carrion The crow flies back to its perch And feast upon its prize Hungry hands grasp for the food Human teeth sink into human flesh There was beauty, once strength in our unity But we let it slip through our fingers When we first fought for the fat of the land Now like animals, we fight for carrion Now disfigured, so weak in our division Greedily, we tear at each other's throats Gorging at the human banquet It becomes harder to breathe as the stench envelops all. FEED Cries of “UNCLEAN” once filled the air Till all became diseased The body piles grew in size As kin refused to bury kin And as the plants began to die We turned to each other for food Head to one side, watching, waiting The crow squawks as another man dies Muscley flesh will make a good meal
Crack of dawn and I arise Cock-crow; drudgery calls Morning light upon my bed of straw Brushing the straw from my rags Tightening the leather thongs The cold metal bar between the straps An ankle brace, restricts my movement Yet, the only way to stand on my own two feet A flashback of past cracking of bones The only birthright that is ours For the masters to break our minds in Tear apart our ankle bones, stop us from running Pledge allegiance to your master As he squeezes the spirit from your soul Pledge allegiance to your lord Your birthright to subservience Scared, so fucking scared Bound hand and foot by fear Tied to the stake of your own passivity The bracken at your feet You’re just waiting for the fire The final burning of your soul I stagger to the door; A makeshift board against a hole Gaze towards sunrise But the morning mist obscures my view The cracking whip rings in my ears The slave master calls Weals of rotting flesh ripple my back A brand of my allegiance Contemptuously gaze at the masters Their minds forever in bondage The privileged few who deny my freedom I’ll sit and bide my time Play their game for now I demand a pound of your flesh A POUND OF YOUR FLESH
CRUCIFY… Our masters who art in heaven Worshipped by thy name Thy kingdom is not ours Thy will must be done For we have no will of our own For on earth we must await heaven Have you accepted your daily bread Have you chewed upon the lies that hide the pain Forgive God trespassing your mind For we may not trespass his Tread the weary path, blinkered And deliver us to blind acceptance For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory AMEN
Scarecrow 03:18
Alone; just the night for company Tattered man with just memories A corpse staked out for all to see Tormented martyr Silent whisper echoes across the fields “What is it like to be dead?” Screams the man on the stake “What’s it like, world...to be dead?” The old oak draws it’s branches away The birds will not rest on its arms As he rots, slowly but surely And with him takes the world itself The crops grow, food for plenty But the virus out stretches its arms He drains the lifeblood And crop withers and dies Beasts of carrion, smell the meat And circle close by, then venture near He smiles a tormented, twisted smile Laughs at the rotting corpse of humanity
Crippled for life, a living death Lonely life, fed with deceit Deceived from birth, diseased till death Silence child, don’t offer a sound The diseased walk in ranks of many Cannon fodder The blind lead the blind to the final resting place Nurture the cancer Searing pain, malignancy Devouring all Your will has gone, the cancer developed The plague will silence your very dreams Muscle seizure, paralysing agony Blood starts clotting, vision is blurred Impending death, from inherited mania Silently waiting, the time is near You feed the cancer Oblivious to its growth The tumour rips open Envelopes the earth
Distance 03:39
Unidentified remains of a human corpse Lay rotting upon the sitting room floor Heroic failure to an unknown cause The squaddy laughs with nervous tension The gun in his hand still warm from use A nagging in his brain “Why did I do it?” Alone in the house he puts the gun to his head A distant scream Neat and tidy, the housework must be done Normality concludes, nothing out of place Darkness all around; bricked up windows A candle glow illuminates the room A single flame in the blind room But the candle slowly burns itself out Waxwork dummies sit and view the tv screen A distant scream still echoes from outside I want to be on my own, away from you You want to be on your own, away from me It’s so hard to open my heart to you I tried to but this world forbade me I dreamt a nightmare of togetherness When the walls came tumbling down I awoke, relieved, the house still intact A distant scream, the world carries on Shut behind closed doors; the outside is hostile I heard a laugh, or a cry of pain At night I toss and turn Outside, a snivelling wretch calls for his mother Draw the curtains over the brickwork Make sure my cell is locked tight A slit of light, blocked it out Hide from the light At the end of the street, locked out of sight In the darkest living room; a crimson shade The candle burnt out so very long ago Unknown to the bricked up silent millions Unidentified remains of a human corpse Lay rotting upon the sitting room floor Heroic failure to an unknown cause, AND NOBODY CARED
War machine 05:50
Political engines grind into action Fuelled with blood of hate and greed Clash of steel; piston heads pump Rev the engine at crisis point The wheels are in motion The lunatic cackle of the driver Onward, once more, at God’s will The war machine thunders forth Mindless, mechanical reaper Bodies twisted in it’s iron shell Sucking up life, butchering The heat rising, molten, savage end Forward unto the holocaust Open her up, accelerate Spit out corpse waste product Exhaust blocked with bubbling flesh FORWARD UNTO THE HOLOCAUST Mammoth machine gone berserk No taming: escalation The creature has bolted Foreseen, yet ignored The leash is broken Maniacal, run off the rails Too late for regret The controllers flee Out of control CARNAGE - GENOCIDE SLAUGHTER - DECIMATION WAR MACHINE Metal jaws pulverise your dreams The monster spits out your future Harvesting the battlefield Young, ripe, fresh for the plucking A legacy; reopened old wounds Listen to the voices from the past THE WHEELS ARE IN MOTION DO NOT MEDDLE WITH THAT WHICH YOU CANNOT CONTROL


In 1986 Deviated Instinct entered into their first proper studio (even though it was still just an 8-track in someone's spare bedroom) to record their second demo. Driven by an Antisect and Amebix obsession, plus the fledgling thrash and death metal scenes filtering into their anarcho punk background, these 10 songs were recorded in one frantic day. A darker, more metallic sound was developing, yet undeniably still staying true to their punk roots. Terminal Filth Stench-Core was born.
Armed with a master tape they hastily set about duplicating as many as they could on trusty double tape decks. With bundles of flyers sent out through the mail they were surprised when orders started arriving from all over the world. Through mail order, bags of cassettes sold at gigs, and then being added and swapped through the burgeoning global tape trading scene, hundreds of copies were soon in circulation.

36 years later, Terminal Filth, in partnership with our good friends from Agipunk in Italy, are finally making this classic available on vinyl in its entirety for the first time with new artwork from Mid and remastered by Bri Doom.


released June 6, 2022

Deviated Instinct on this recording were -

Leggo - Vocals
Mid - Guitar & vocals
Ian - Bass
Mark - Drums

Recorded and mixed on 21st October 1986 by Mark Wyatt at Scoop 8-track Studios, Norwich.

Re-Mastered by Bri Doom 2021.

All lyrics by Leggo except Despair by Mid.


all rights reserved



Deviated Instinct Norwich, UK

Deviated Instinct formed in 1984 and were a crucial pioneering band in the early British punk/metal scene. Along with bands like Antisect and The Amebix, Deviated Instinct’s music has influenced legions of bands and helped to define the sound we know today as “Crust”. ... more

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